watch for cairns

a journey of perpetual arrival

take one bucket of only-slightly-rusty steel springs left from your dad's old workshop. Heat to bubbling over vapors of politics, stirring in a good bottle of common sense, some real Appalachian moonshine, and a couple hot peppers, the kind they grind up in little sheds off the high road outside Taos. when good and mixed up, add a box of floppy disks, a dash of Ed Abbey, and a dog-eared copy of LOTR. Pour the whole mess over every CD in some little indy-raver record store, and as its all cooling, write the Tao in it. chop it into hunks and mail them back to yourself via obscure post offices in places too far out to be visited by tourists. When they start to arrive, be sure to smell each one carefully. Put back together with starlight.

note i am not now nor have i ever been affiliated with Katuah Earth First. if you seek them, get ye back to Google and try again.

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